Terms and

Settlements in Supported Cryptocurrencies; Disclosure of Material Risks

If your settlement preference includes cryptocurrency settlement, any supported cryptocurrency accepted by Cryppay on your behalf must be settled to a cryptocurrency wallet that you provide. Payments in any of the supported cryptocurrencies will be sent to your designated wallet address, generally by the end of the day following the relevant transaction (as determined in U.S. Eastern Standard or Daylight Time, as applicable) and provided that the settlement minimum is met. We are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of improperly reported or designated wallet addresses that you provide.

You assume the volatility risk of the cryptocurrencies in which settlement occurs. If any of the supported cryptocurrencies are the chosen settlement medium, you assume the volatility risk of the cryptocurrency value.

Cryppay does not own or control the underlying software protocols that govern the operation of cryptocurrencies supported on our platform. In general, the underlying protocols are open source and anyone can use, copy, modify, and distribute them.


Miner Fees

Cryptocurrency transactions typically incur miner fees. These fees are automatically created by cryptocurrency wallets in order to broadcast a transaction on a given blockchain network. These fees are paid to cryptocurrency miners (and their operators) that process transactions and maintain the respective network.

Miner fees are variable depending on network conditions and the desired confirmation speed for the transaction. If a cryptocurrency network gets congested, the minimum required miner fee will be higher to ensure the transaction can be reliably processed on the network. Using a lower-than-average miner fee can put a transaction at risk of slow confirmation or no confirmation at all

Cryppay Network Costs

Cryppay network costs are additional fees incurred by Cryppay in aggregating received payments and settling such payments to merchants. Network costs are based upon the miner fees that Cryppay incurs in providing its Services. Therefore, if miner fees rise, network costs also rise.

Cryppay Processing Fees

We charge you a processing fee for each Invoice successfully processed through your Account. Cryppay processing fee is listed for each Invoice in your Dashboard ad in the API output. We reserve the right to change our processing fee. We will provide not less than thirty (30) days’ advance notice of such a change, and your continued use of the Acceptance Services following the period of advance notice of the fee change constitutes your acceptance of such change. Current pricing information is provided on the Cryppay website