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  • easy code setup

    One click integration

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  • low fees

    1% transaction fee, lowest in Industry

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  • Global withdrawals

    Instant transfer to any crypto wallet

Accepting crypto should not be hard

Accept payments using payment links, quick checkouts, API’s and payment buttons

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Payment Buttons

Use our two lines of code to create a payment button on your website/mobile app

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Payment Links
No website?
No issues

Create payment links and share via email, SMS etc. and get paid immediately

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no-nonsense commission
Just pay 1% of your transaction amount

Always know what you're paying with our transparent pricing

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$88B+ daily crypto transaction value


Your money and customer data is secure with our best-in-class security and encryption

Easy Setup

Use our two lines of code to create a payment button on your website/mobile app. Start accepting payments in less than a minute

Secure Gateway

Generate a dynamic single use wallet for each transaction that acts as a guarantor between the customer and the merchant

Payment Links

Create a payment link within 30 seconds and share via email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc. and get paid immediately

API Driven

Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention

Interactive Dashboard

Make better business decisions using insights from real-time data and reports available on the dashboard

Quick Settlement

Settle your customer payments within 10 seconds as soon as your account is activated

The world is moving to crypto


According to Chainalysis — the number of cryptocurrency transactions related to illicit activities fell in 2020 (the latest report) to 0.34% of all cryptocurrency transactions.

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Frequently asked


For more information, please visit the Help Center.

We require every merchant using Cryppay services to fill up a KYC form which allows us to verify the identity of our customers and prevent financial crime activities such as money laundering. We are committed to building a safe and reliable ecosystem for our stakeholders to transfer capital through cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency transactions typically incur gas fees for processing a transaction. These additional network costs are incurred by Cryppay. We only charge you a processing fee for each invoice successfully processed through your account. Please refer to our pricing section for more information.

Currently Cryppay only supports settlement options in cryptocurrency of your choice. For every successful transaction, cryptocurrency accepted by Cryppay on your behalf will be settled in a secure wallet.

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